Swimming Pool Maintenance Services in the Strathroy, Ontario area since 2003


After running L A Pool & Spa in Strathroy for over twenty years, in mid-2023 Brenda & Greg decided it was time to ‘semi-retire’. Many of our loyal clients will recall we lost a dear friend in December 2022. That got us thinking about the business … then in February/March 2023 Brenda was diagnosed with Guillain-BarrĂ© Syndrome (GBS), and our decision was effectively made for us. While she has fully recovered — thankfully! — it made us realize that life is short.

As the previous owners had done, Brenda & Greg decided to either sell the inventory and store fixtures at cost, and close the business … or sell them to someone they knew would treat the customers right. The latter option was far and away their preferred choice, as it would provide continuity to those folks who had been so loyal to L A Pool & Spa over the years!

One of our customers heard of our plans, and contacted Paul at Superior Pools to let him know. For a number of years Paul and his wife Cassandra had been looking for a location in Strathroy for retail sales … and with Superior Pools already doing pool builds and the like, it meant Brenda & Greg could retain the L A Pool & Spa name, and enough servicing to keep them busy.

So on July 1, 2023 L A Pool & Spa said farewell to the storefront, and Superior Pools took over their location, and the day-to-day water testing and chemical/equipment sales. With more free time on their hands, Brenda & Greg could focus their efforts on a very limited number of customers whose pools they had serviced in past, and a small number of new customers by referral.

If you’re interested in pool servicing, and we’ve either serviced your pool in past, or someone refers you — or if you’re just looking for some information relating to your pool — please complete the Contact Form below, and Greg will get back to you within 24 hours.