Swimming Pool Maintenance Services in Strathroy, Ontario since 2000


Our first concern is that your pool or spa water is safe to be in.  And where adjustments to your chemical levels are needed, we want to do so at the best possible cost for our customers.  That’s where years of experience come into play!  Standard water testing is done for Free Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity, and Salt Level (for saltwater pools).

If requested by the customer, or if the pool’s current condition / history make it necessary, we will also test for Combined Chlorine, Phosphate, Copper, Calcium (for concrete pools), CYA (stabilizer), and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).  We do initial screening using “7 in 1 Professional Test Strips” – which is of particular value for customers who want a quick snapshot of their pool or spa’s water chemistry – and more in-depth analysis using a combination of Taylor lab, electronic meters (Myron, etc), and the eXact EZ digital tester (which is now being used by many area Health Departments).

From the results obtained, we provide the customer with a prescription detailing the steps necessary to get their pool or spa back into perfect condition!