Swimming Pool Maintenance Services in Strathroy, Ontario since 2000


So how many times have you, your family, and four of your friends spent a Saturday opening or closing your pool?  Have you spent sleepless nights, after putting your pool to bed, wondering whether something will be cracked in the spring?  Have you dumped the water and leaves into your nice clean pool in the spring, and spent weeks cleaning it up?  Wouldn’t you rather come home to pool that’s ready for the upcoming season – summer or winter – without all the hassle of doing it yourself?

We open and close a lot of pools every year, and with that comes a wealth of experience.  In the spring we pump off the cover (where applicable), clean it, fold it, and store it away; we reconnect / reinstall the pool equipment and ensure there are no leaks; we power-wash the deck (again where applicable); and we add the initial pool chemicals.  In the fall we drain your pool down (where applicable); test and balance the water for the winter; winterize the equipment (i.e., blow out the lines, drain the pump, etc); wash the cartridges or DE grids (again where applicable); and install the cover.

Can you do it?  Absolutely, and we have put together instructions, and will offer advice, to help you out.  But what is your time, and peace of mind, worth?