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If you’ve weighed the pros and cons of installing a safety cover on your pool, and have decided that the cost is well worth it, we believe you’ve made the right choice.  Safety covers are pricey, but properly installed, they provide you with peace of mind regarding your family’s well-being that you can’t get with either an overlap cover – the ones commonly held down with water bags, and look like tarps – or a vinyl hanging cover.

Whether it’s your kids, grandkids, or pets, with a safety cover the worst they should ever get is wet feet.  But please notice the word “should” in the previous sentence.

Accidents do happen, and even a safety cover cannot protect from all eventualities … so please remain vigilant at all times!  Before a safety cover can be ordered, we come to your home to do an A-B Measurement of your pool.  We send that to our supplier electronically, and they produce a drawing of your pool, showing where the anchors will be located.

Once we get the go-ahead to proceed, the cover is manufactured.  And now comes the question of who will install it?  The anchors that secure the safety cover are made of brass, and are 3/4” in diameter.  It’s a time-consuming process, but if you’re comfortable drilling a bunch of holes in your pool’s deck, we’ll help to answer any questions you might have.  Or you can leave it to us, and rest easy.

Your safety cover is a big investment, so why take chances with its installation?