Swimming Pool Maintenance Services in Strathroy, Ontario since 2000


At L A Pool & Spa we carry products that we believe in!  While that might sound obvious, it often means us recommending something to our customer that isn’t the “premium” option.

For example, when increasing your Total Alkalinity we will recommend baking soda, over buffer.  They do similar jobs, but prescribed properly, we have found baking soda to be more cost-effective.

Robotic cleaners are fantastic for pools, but there are other options that will also do a great job, for a lot less money.  Sure we carry buffer, and robotic pool cleaners – and there are times when we’ll recommend them – but we try to treat your hard-earned dollar like our own!

That said, we are a believer in the Mursatt line of quality chemicals.  Granted the various products will sometimes cost you more up front, but used properly, with Mursatt chemicals you get a safe pool or spa, with very little hassle.  And isn’t that what it’s all about?  Mursatt is a Canadian owned and operated company, who purchase their raw materials in North America!